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Services for Financial Institutions


The participant  will learn and understand the techniques and methodology to analyze  a company of any size, industry and complexity using a structured, time-efficient roadmap to realize the key business and credit risks, develop an engagement strategy  and identify business opportunities. Moreover, the conclusions of that analysis are converted into strategic client presentations in order to convince the client to implement risk-reducing  measures and/or to realize the incremental business potential.

Corporate Finance

The program examines and discusses all relevant aspects of corporate finance from the perspective of corporate and financial management. The participant can apply and competently discuss corporate finance concepts (group financing, raising of capital, balance sheet structuring, mergers and acquisitions, value creating strategies) from the perspective of the client’s corporate and financial management.

Key content of Training:

  • strategic fitness
  • corporate analysis
  • balance sheet structuring
  • value creation strategies
  • return on equity versus cost of equity
  • relevant cash flow drivers and critical corporate performance ratios
  • debt capacity and its dynamic development
  • primary and secondary sources of repayment
  • working capital management
  • corporate and financial projections
  • principles of solid and sustainable balance sheet and credit structuring


With the program “Corporate Finance ” the banker will significantly improve his ability to position himself at all hierarchical levels of the client as skilled and well informed business thinker, financial professional, business strategist, financial partner and advisor and experienced solutions provider.

Corporate Valuation:

Profound knowledge of valuation in general and corporate valuation in particular is relevant  and indispensable for both relationship managers as well as risk manager, since

  • it increases advisory quality and therefore cross-sell successes
  • helps to avoid value-exceeding purchase prices of assets and companies and therefore increases quality of investment  and financing decision
  • change of ownership  of companies  increases in number  and frequency,  which requires an assessment of valuations by external parties
  • corporate transactions and its financing mean significant revenue potential

Key content:

  • overview of market established valuation methods forvaluation ofassets,  investments, real estate and companies 
  • application of content through valuation of real life examples
  • alternatives of transfer of ownership of companies


  • profound valuation knowledge
  • avoiding of value-exceeding  purchase prices of investments / acquisitions more competent assessment of valuations prepared by third parties
  • more competent advisor
  • realization of attractive revenue potentials

Balance Sheet & Transaction Structuring

The program „Balance Sheet & Transaction Structuring“ teaches techniques and knowledge to structure simple to complex balance sheets and transactions. By means of case studies critical principles and aspects for a successful balance sheet and transaction structure are being discussed in detail. The focus is on:

  • transaction structure
  • identification  of sources of repayment
  • holding versus operating company
  • debtor groups
  • determination of risks which can be borne by debt holders and which should be borne by equity holders
  • optimal capital structure: determination of optimal ratio of debt and equity
  • impact of collateral and how it can be used to address business and financing risks
  • transaction structuring of change of ownership of companies