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Stefan Pöhlmann financial advisory training is a leading leading supplier of educational training and seminars in holistic corporate analysis, value- based corporate finance and corporate valuation.

The training programs address financial institutions as well as companies, which offer their products and services to other corporations against invoice and even trade credit and therefore assume a receivables risk.

Important key topics of this seminar focus on:




  • early identification and pro-active handling of (early-) warning signals
  • asset efficiency and implied sales capacity of current and fixed assets
  • working capital management
  • profitability
  • cash flow analysis and cash flow drivers
  • sensitization of corporate projections
  • debt capacity and sensitivity analysis of negative debt capacity gaps
  • custom-made loan agreements (covenants)
  • differentiation of debt and equity risks in a transaction
  • corporate valuation and consequences for good credit structures
  • alternatives of change of ownership and its financing

Since 2006 we have been conducting trainings and seminars for both German and European financial institutions with outstanding success.

At doing this, it was and will be important to us to deliver a tailor-made training conception based on the demands and the structures of our clients.

Another of our decisive advantages is the extremely practice orientated approach of teaching. On the strength of this, the participants will profit most directly from Stefan Pöhlmann’s longtime experience as a corporate finance specialist in German banking industry, advising hundreds of corporate clients in the last years.

Stefan Pöhlmann financial advisory training is partner of Korn & Korn.