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Services for Corporations


Since 2006 Stefan Pöhlmann financial advisory training has been training  holistic corporate  analysis,  value-based  corporate  finance  and corporate valuation. The key themes of  this  financial  training  are  geared  towards  staff  in  the  finance  department, accounting, controlling and receivables management.
Additionally he has been advising hundreds of companies in all kind of financing issues during his long-term banking career as a corporate finance specialist in the Bavarian savings bank organization.

Corporate Valuation:

Profound knowledge of valuation in general and corporate valuation in particular is relevant and indispensable for the following situations:

  • investment decisions:  through comparison of value and price it helps to avoid value-exceeding purchase prices of assets and companies and therefore increases quality of investment and financing decision.
  • acquisition or sale of companies and business units: sufficient valuation competence allows to create one’s own valuations
  • cross-check  and assess valuations prepared by third-parties actively and competently  participate and lead negotiation talks

Key content:

  • overview of market established valuation methods for valuation of assets, investments,  real estate and companies
  • application of content through valuation of real life examples
  • alternatives of transfer of ownership of companies


  • profound valuation knowledge
  • avoiding of value-exceeding  purchase prices of investments/acquisitions more competent assessment of valuations prepared by third parties
  • more competent advisor
  • realization of attractive revenue potentials

Dealing with Banks

Often companies do not receive the appropriate levels  of debt in terms of amount and tenor (e.g.  insufficient working capital facilities, interest rate and refinancing risks through maturity mismatches,  lack of support during growth (periods) or do not know how to determine them.

For this very reason the seminar teaches  the key principles  of sound, sustainable and stable corporate finance as well as balance sheet and credit structures.

Key content:

  • strategic fitness
  • corporate strategy and its financial consequences
  • value creation strategies
  • return on equity versus cost of equity
  • economic  profit as criterion for investment decisions
  • identification  of individually relevant cash flow drivers and critical corporate performance ratios
  • debt capacity and its dynamic development
  • working capital management
  • corporate and financial projections
  • principles of solid and sustainable balance sheet and credit structures the banker’s perspective – arguments for solid finance structures
  • (in-)appropriate  demands by banks


Knowledge about:

  • relevance of facts, figures and developments for banks documents / information demanded by banks and its basis
  • methods to determine and structure the financial needs of the own company

which results in:

  • improved negotiation position vis-a-vis banks
  • convincing argumentation for tailor-made finance structures for own company vis-a-vis banks